Bottom line… expect to pay between $2,000 – $8,000 for a good website.  This price depends on how complex and feature-rich your site will be – but know that you get what you pay for.

We have had many customers say, “my 15-year-old nephew does some HTML and can do our site for $500”.  These people usually end up with an inferior product and come back to us for a professional, beautiful website.  Same goes with the people who think it’s easy to go build their own on Squarespace or some other do-it-yourself app – there is a lot more to building a website than just placing some text and images on a page.

Also, if you want that professional and beautiful website to stay strong, secure and searchable, consider subscribing to a monthly package (but not required if you have in-house resources to manage this).  Website development or digital marketing is never done.  Similar to yard work,… you can have the best crew come out and landscape your yard, but if you don’t maintain it the rest of the summer, it will quickly become vulnerable, disordered, and ugly.

We have been building websites for over 20 years and know EXACTLY what needs to be done to have a successful and strong website.


Branding can either be broken into individual tasks – like logo design or tagline creation – or can be combined into a branding project that encompasses a multitude of branding tasks.

Our standard, blended fee for most branding services is $75 /hr – but when combined into a larger project, there is an opportunity for a lower hourly rate.

For example, here are some estimates for individual branding projects…

Task Est. Hours Est. Cost
Business Card Design 3 $225
New Logo 5 $375
Tagline Creation 7 $525
Brand Guidelines 10 $750

Or maybe you are looking for a new brand development project for a new business or updating an old company brand.  This would include multiple tasks to support the new branding.  This means you would be looking for a Branding Development Project that would offer some discount rates.

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Website Design

Websites can be very simple or quite complex.  The simpler the website (1-2 pages, few features) can be much less expensive than a more complex website (10 pages, lots of features).  The cost of a website is very similar to buying a car.  The simpler the car with minimal features is much less than a car full of new features.

Below are some examples of pricing estimates based on hypothetical requirements.

# of pages Features Est. Hours Est. Cost
1 Slider
Contact Form
30 $2,225
3 Slider
Contact Form
Map of Location
45 $3,375
6 Slider
Contact Form
Map of Location
Online Booking
Online Menu
60 $4,500
12 Slider
Contact Form
Map of Location
Online Registration
Online Job Application
Social Feeds
Calendar of Events
Email Subscription Form
90 $6,750

Each website is estimated based on certain criteria…

  • Number of pages
  • Amount of content on each page
  • Number of features
  • Complexity of each feature
  • Copywriting and imagery creation
More about our website services

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a huge pool of opportunities.  See our Digital Marketing page for many of the services we offer.  Digital marketing is usually not a one-off project, but rather an ongoing initiative that grows over time.  Some digital marketing efforts can be one-offs – like a limited sweepstakes/contest or a Social media promotion – but many are an on-going project like email marketing, paid search marketing or retargeting ad marketing.

For one-off projects, we will estimate them for you.  For all others, we recommend our Monthly Service Packages listed in the section below.

More about our marketing services

Web Maintenance & Marketing Packages

Our standard, blended fee for most branding services is $75 /hr – but with a package, you can do more for less.

Monthly packages are the BEST way to go to help your brand and company grow over time.  Most marketing isn’t instant and requires some nurturing to build a solid foundation that bolsters your bottom line.  The majority of our marketing services offer superior ROI’s, so think of these costs as investments.

Check out the seriously discounted rates below!  The more you want, the cheaper it is.


  • $50 /hr (42% Savings!)
  • 4 hrs Maintenance
  • Covers all aspects of the WordPress updates, security maintenance, Spam control, SEO enhancements, image optimization, Google Analytics upkeep, an general troubleshooting.
  • For those who have little to no site updates, but need it to run perfectly and securely.

Basic 5

  • $40 /hr (53% Savings!)
  • 4 hrs Maintenance + 5 hrs Content & Marketing
  • Covers everything in the Starter Package PLUS 5 additional hours for website page content updates and additions or maybe some minor marketing projects.
  • For those less active with their website and only need some minor site updates each month.

Deluxe 10

  • $35 /hr (59% Savings!)
  • 4 hrs Maintenance + 10 hrs Content & Marketing
  • Covers everything in the Starter Package PLUS 10 additional hours for more advanced site content updates and additions or medium marketing.
  • For those sites that are more active and require regular site updates or some moderate marketing.

Pro 15

  • $30 /hr (65% Savings!)
  • 4 hrs Maintenance + 15 hrs Content & Marketing
  • Covers everything in the Starter Package PLUS 15 additional hours for more a lot of site content updates and additions or major marketing initiatives.
  • For those that that want to be much more aggresive with site updates & enhancements plus some strong digital marketing.

All packages require a minimum of 6 months contract
Unused hours can be rolled over to the next month (you never lose your time)


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