We offer a simple, effective set of services that are tailored to small business marketing needs.

Brand Development

Branding is all about how your customers perceive your company and creating brand loyalty through that perception.  Branding is built with professional design assets but is grown through great customer satisfaction and perceived value.

– Logo Creation
– Color Palette
– Fonts & Typography
– Business Cards & Stationary
– Corporate Brand Book

Website Design

This department is where the magic happens, where things come to life and help engage with your customers on an intimate level. These are the tools that help create loyal customers for life.

– Website Design
– Content Management
– E-commerce Setup
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– Analytics & Tracking

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is how you communicate with your customers. It’s how you let them know you exist, remind them to come back, alert them of important news, and reward them for their loyalty.

– Search Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
– Display Ad Retargeting
– Email Campaigns
– Social Marketing
– Promos/Coupons/Raffles

How We Do It.

3 simple pillars of our company to ensure we never lose sight of what is important to the small business owner.

Professional & Beautiful

Your business deserves the best – and that means modern, classy, clever, professional, and beautiful digital branding & design solutions. This is one of the ways your small business competes with the big boys in your space.

Affordable Pricing

Don’t put up with big, bloated fees and unecessary monthly costs – demand fairly priced digital websites and solutions that work for you. Zagrun works within smaller business budgets to help your bottom line.

Fast Delivery

The reason we keep things simple is to guarantee we can deliver quickly and on-time. What the “big agencies” do in months, we do in weeks or even days.

Did You Know?

of users won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site.
infographics are shared on social media 3X more than other any other type of content.
is the average open rate for emails in 2016. The average click-through rate was 3.5%
more leads will be generated by companies with an active blog
as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it..
has the highest click-through rate for email sends.
of people have left a webpage because of a pop-up or autoplaying video ad.
of people say they dislike mobile ads.

Marketing – Small Biz vs Big Biz

Budget Differences

As a small business, you already know one difference between your marketing program and those of the corporate behemoths that loom over you in all directions: The big guys have the big budgets.

They talk about a couple hundred thousand dollars as a discretionary line-item issue. You talk about a couple hundred dollars as an amount worthy of careful consideration. So any marketing advice you decide to follow needs to be scaled to your budget, and not to the million-dollar jackpots big businesses use as their marketing budgets.

Staffing Differences

Look at the organization chart of any major corporation. Nearly always, you find a marketing vice president. Under that position, you see a bunch of other professionals, including advertising directors, sales managers, online and social media marketing managers, research directors, customer service specialists, and so on.

In contrast, strong small businesses blend marketing with the leadership function. The small business organization chart often puts responsibility for marketing in the very top box, the one with the owner’s name, which likely puts you in the essential role of overseeing marketing as a hands-on task.

Creative Difference

The top-name marketers routinely spend six figures to create ads with the sole purpose of building name recognition and market preference for their brands, often without a single word about a specific product or price.

Small businesses take a dramatically different approach. They want to develop name recognition just like the biggest advertisers, but their ads have to do double duty. You know firsthand that each and every small business marketing investment has to deliver immediate and measurable market action.

Each effort has to stir enough purchasing activity to offset the marketing cost involved. The balancing act is to create marketing communications that build a clear brand identity while also inspiring the necessary consumer action to deliver inquiries, generate leads, and prompt sales — now.

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