Project Description

Touchstone is a Cincinnati-based lifestyle products company that engages with their client’s customers using meaningful and innovative products.  We partnered with the best E-commerce company in Cincinnati, Snow Commerce, on this one to develop a beautiful and interesting corporate website for the company.


Show the company passion through a corporate website

Touchstone’s previous website was rather dated in design and lacked that powerful passion that brand lives on each and every day at the office.  They had some great content that could be repurposed, but the design and layout of the site needed a massive overhaul.


Dive deep into “who Touchstone is” and bring that feeling to life in a web design.

After visiting the Touchstone building in person and observing the employees and machines in action, a light bulb went off.  This place ‘knows’ who they are and why they do what they do – the energy from the people and the physical brand about knocked us over.  Now we just needed to bottle that up into a design that people could ‘feel’.   The idea was to take their existing content, which was fantastically written and prepared, and place it inside a new, modern shell.

The new site design needed to be bold, brave, exciting and full of passion; just like the brand and its people.  Although this project looks simple, it took some extra time to really ‘nail’ the Touchstone brand and what it stands for.

Website Design
Wordpress management
Dynamic content generation

A very personal brand

Throughout the duration of this process, the CEO of Touchstone played an integral role in the success of this website.  He attended most of the weekly meetings and supplied the majority of the feedback to ensure his new site properly represented his passionate brand.

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