Project Description


Create a website to support the sales team.

The Sauna Life has had success through social media and direct sales, but did not have a professional website to support their sales process.  The client needed something to point their customers to – outside of a printed catalog – to help drive sales.


Build a wbsite that helps convey the benifits, experience, and results of a true sauna life.

When Julie contact us, she was very happy with her business, but felt she was missing something without a website.  She was right.  A website is absolutely critical for business success in this day and age.  We worked together on ideas for what should be in the site, and how is should be presented for optimum conversions.

Over a few weeks we had constructed a 17 page website that organized all of her product information and sale materials in a beautiful way.  One of the challenges during the process was aligning with the manufacturer’s brand guidelines.  The manufacturer was very specific on what we could and could not do with the content, images, etc.  Once we gained approval, we launched the site.

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Website Design
Brand Creation
Social Media Branding

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