Project Description


Build a foundation for a community

One of our clients was having trouble bringing peiople into the bar/restaurant on Thursday nights.  Cincinnati’s Next Big Band was a vision between Zagrun and Rick’s Tavern as a way to bring some live excitement to the bar during the week as well as ‘interview’ new and upcoming bands for weekend shows.


Tap into the existing customer base and give them what they love

Since the majority of the revenue coming into the place was from the established live bands on the weekends, we decided to create an amateur band competition to draw in some of the same crowd that not only enjoyed live music but the competitive nature of the competition.  It was a massive hit the first year and Rick’s Tavern has kept it going for 7 seasons now.  The project including a complete branding of the competition, including logo, colors, website and marketing materials.  Now in its 7th year, we no longer require much marketing since word-of-mouth has spread stronger each year.

Logo Design
Website Design
Poster Creation
Brand Creation
Sign Up System

7 years stong

Started in 2017, the competition has grown stronger and more popular every year.  Bands have come as far away as California to compete.  Many of the competition winners have gone on to play weekends at Rick’s Tavern and even gotten music contracts.

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