Project Description


Reaching parents of kids with reading disabilities

Carol Ronka is a licensed psychologist and educational consultant who specializes in children with reading troubles. Although she had a good clientele while working in Cincinnati through word-of-mouth, after moving south she was looking for a new way to reach those parents in her new location. She was basically starting from scratch with her practice.


Take all of her passion, experience & services and wrap them into a beautifully branded website that she can leverage when soliciting new clients as well as organic search optimization.

ABC Literacy offered many types of services, resources, and events for both children and the parents of children with reading disabilities.  Zagrun helped build a website to express everything she had to offer in an easy, simple website that also shows the passion involved with this service.  Since moving south, Carol has also moved a few times since this site went live and has helped her gain new clients in each new location as well as establish her as an industry leader in this space.

Logo Design
Website Design
Brand Creation

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