Project Description


Build consistent branding among 40 privately owned restaurants.

When Angilo’s Pizza came to us, they had close to 40 locations throughout the Cincinnati area.  The problem is that each location was owned by a different franchisee. Although they all sold the same pizza, they were allowed to add any other food item that they wanted to their menu.  Each used different marketing techniques, different slogans, different designs for menus and coupons.  Although this didn’t pose a problem to a customer who uses the same Angilo’s every time, if a customer ordered from a different Angilo’s, they would have a totally different experience.


Build a website that brings all locations together under one roof.

The idea was that even though each location was different, we could help the customers better understand the infrastructure of the company and find what they need in one place.  Zagrun built a website that allowed each owner access to their location’s page to update their menus, coupons and hours of operations.  Even though each location was different, their location pages all had consistent look and feel, making it much easier to discover each locations offerings in a comfortable and recognizable setting. The website also housed information about the brand, such as community involvement, how to buy a franchise, and the history of the company.

Then we acquired the main domain name and redirected all individual location URLs to the main domain. Zagrun also helped set up and manage the email addresses for the parent brand to manage the company’s communication.

Website Design
Email Configuration

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