Our slogan is Stupid Simple Marketing. It means that marketing is easy, why complicate things?  You learn about the customers, then you find ways to get your message in front of them in meaningful and convincing ways.  That’s it!  Do those 2 things consistently and aggressively and you can’t lose.

When discussing digital marketing, I like to use the analogy of working out.  Getting your body in shape is simple – you work out, watch what you eat, and you will be healthy and strong.  There is no secret sauce or magic beans – it’s just about the amount of commitment you invest in it.

Both digital marketing and working out involve the commitment of both time and effort.  If someone promises you quick and easy results then it is probably unhealthy or illegal.  If it’s too good to be true,.. it probably isn’t true.


Similar to a workout program, a strong digital marketing program takes time.  You can’t expect to show up at the gym for 3 weeks and then whine when you don’t look or feel any better – you need patience and commitment. Grinding it out day in and day out – for months at a time – is the only way to build a solid marketing foundation.  Take the time to build it right and it will last a long time, cheat your way there and it will crumble when truly tested.

Similar to working out, expect to grind it out for at least 6 months before you start seeing real, measurable results in your marketing program.  Then even another year or 2 before you are running a powerhouse marketing engine that you can be proud of.

At Zagrun, we take the time to plan out a comprehensive marketing plan geared directly for your industry, your customers and your goals. Similar to a workout plan, there is no cookie cutter template if you want it to work for you. Yes, you could download a basic workout program and hit the gym and eventually get some results, but not the specific results you may need or want, and definitely not as fast as you would like.


Your marketing also takes effort. The type and level of effort are different for Zagrun than it is for our clients.

Our type of effort is the actual blood, sweat, and tears… a full immersion into your business, your brand, and your customers.  Researching, planning, creating and executing a powerful strategy that will bolster your bottom line.

Your type of effort is your commitment to a strong budget – meaning the money you spend on a professional marketing agency that knows what they are doing and have your best interests in mind. Consider Zagrun your marketing ‘personal trainer’, except that you don’t have to sweat while we yell at you.  But we will help create and execute a solid program that will result in strength and results.

You have to take your budget seriously.  Because a lot of marketing programs can take time to produce amazing results, many business owners are hesitant to commit a robust budget towards those goals.  The problem is if you don’t start now, it will continue to take longer and longer to achieve increased traffic, higher sales, and or other goals you may have for your business.

In Summary

When you are planning your new year’s budget, be sure to take into consideration that the healthier your marketing budget, the stronger your marketing program will be.  And that strong program produces those amazing results you have been dreaming of.   Remember that once we get a strong base setup, it takes a lot less effort (and money) going forward to maintain those strong results, but you HAVE to put the time and effort in NOW in order to get the program rolling.

So be sure your 2019 resolutions include a powerful digital marketing budget and commitment that will increase your bottom line all year long.  Take your marketing budget seriously and you will be rewarded as most digital marketing plans have a positive ROI after a few months.

If you skimp, get cheap, or become lazy, it will show in your P&L statements at the end of 2019 and you will be right back where you started – out of shape and planning your next year’s resolutions.


TJ Swing

Founder and President, Zagrun Marketing