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Our vision is to bring big corporate’ marketing strategies to the small business owner.  There is an advantage to having a Fortune 500 marketing budget with 5-6 zeros in it, but a good chunk of that money is wasted on poor ideas, bad execution, bloated fees and high agency overheads.  Zagrun takes what works best in a small business model – and gets results that help the bottom line.

Formed in 2005 – as Six Digit Media at that time – we noticed a large gap between the muscle that larger corporation’s marketing had, and what the small business owner was able to do with their marketing in the same space.  It almost seemed unfair for a small business owner to compete with the brand recognition, marketing budgets and staffing of the ‘big corp’ folks – and we are here to help level the playing field.

After serving the large corporations for decades, in 2017 we decided to rebrand ourselves as Zagrun to shift our focus to those who needed our expertise the most, the small biz owners.  This repositioning allows us to form winning marketing and branding strategies for small businesses that not only allow them to compete but to challenge.

Working with you, not for you.

The results we deliver come from partnering with our clients, not just executing for them. That’s why we work onsite, alongside client teams. Speaking the same language. Extending value beyond the project itself.

Thoughtful Strategies. Tailored Results.

This is not an industry for “cookie cutter” solutions.  And bloated marketing campaigns are not viable for small business budgets.  The small biz sector requires a more tailored approach to ensure money is wisely spent and results are effective in growing the business.

Always Learning. Always Evolving.

With design and technology changes happening every couple months, it is imperative to maintain a high level of awareness so we can help our clients compete at a high level.  Staying smart means staying on top.

Building Stuff People Love to Use.

Ultimately, the relationships, the research, and the education will help us create marketing tools and campaigns that your customers will love to engage with.  Otherwise, what is the point?

Basically, We Make You Look Great!

*Actual client redesign 🙂

Our Certifications & Specialties

Just a few of the applications we specialize in.


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